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2009 Horizon Report +  +


A Portal to Media Literacy +  +
A Technology Analysis of Repositories and Services +  +
Ahrash Bissell's Presentations on SlideShare +  +
Authentic Learning for the 21st Century: An Overview +  +


Copyright Watch +  +
Creating a Foundation for Open Knowledge: Technology Assessment of Web-based Learning +  +
Creating, Doing, and Sustaining OER: Lessons from Six Open Educational Resource Projects +  +
Creative Commons Information Pack +  +
Creative Commons and Related Rights in Sound Recordings: Are the Two Systems Compatible? +  +
Creative Commons: What every Educator needs to know +  +


David Wiley's Presentations on SlideShare +  +
David Wiley: A Brief Introduction to Open Education Resources +  +
Digital Classrooms Take Flight +  +


Giving Knowledge for Free: The Emergence of Open Educational Resources +  +
Guía Práctica sobre Software Libre, su selección y aplicación local en América Latina y el Caribe +  +


Harnessing Openness to Improve Research, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education +  +
Human sexuality in HTML +  +


Info-communism? Ownership and freedom in the digital economy +  +


Joomla! Turkey +  +


Learning Object Repositories: Problems and Promise +  +
Let sysops be +  +


Modeling a Paradigm Shift: From Producer Innovation to User and Open Collaborative Innovation +  +


Next Generation Connectivity: A review of broadband Internet transitions and policy from around the world +  +


OECD Expert Meeting Summary Notes +  +
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