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"One-Click" for Biological Research +John Wilbanks  +
"One-Click" for Stem Cells +John Wilbanks  +


21st Century Islamic State +Meinhaj Hussain  +


55 Ways to Have Fun With Google +Philipp Lenssen  +


99 Erotic Notions: Erudite Erotic Story Collection +Hapax Legomenon  +


A Book of Five Strings +Patrick Costello  +
A Brief History of Copyright from a Non Legal Perspective +Fred Benenson  +
A Briefer History of Time +Eric Schulman  +
A Database Called The Web +Nathan Yergler  +
A Field Guide to Genetic Programming +Riccardo Poli, Bill Langdon, Nic McPhee  +
A Free Content and Free and Open Courseware implementation strategy for the University of the Western Cape (South Africa) +Derek Keats  +, Stanley Ridge  +
A Japanese guide to Japanese grammar +Tae Kim  +
A Speech Act Calculus. A Pragmatised Natural Deduction Calculus and its Meta-theory +Moritz Cordes and Friedrich Reinmuth  +
A.09162 An act to establish the taxpayer access to publicly funded research act +Alan Hevesi  +
A.B. 577 Open Education Resource Centers +Ira Ruskin  +
ACIA 2008: Toward Useful Creative Commons Adoption Metrics +Mike Linksvayer  +
AD Wandler +Klaus Lipinski (Hrsg.)  +
AEP, Creative Commons Join Forces to Improve Educational Internet Searches +Lauren Barack  +
AUSGoal - Australian Governments Open Access and Licensing Framework +Cross Jurisdictional Chief Information Officers Committee (CJCOC)  +
About CCi +Catharina Maracke  +
Abracadabra +Raymond Newman  +
Accelerando +Charles Stross  +
Accessing and Enhancing the Public Domain +Diane Peters  +
Acts of the Apostles +John F.X. Sundman  +
Adobe AIR for JavaScript Developers +Mike Chambers, Daniel Dura, Kevin Hoyt, Dragos Georgita  +
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