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Welcome to the Open Educational Resources (OER) Policy Registry, a database of 90 current and proposed open education policies from around the world. Here, anyone can easily share, update, and browse open education policies and legislation. In addition, we host supporting policy resources such as case studies and guides.


We define OER policies as legislation, institutional policies, and/or funder mandates that lead to the creation, increased use, and/or support for improving OER. This registry is not a list of open projects, terms of use, or a registry of open access policies.

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We have begun to enter OER policies into the registry, but we need your help to make it a truly useful global resource. Sharing our collective knowledge of existing OER policies, in the same way we believe in sharing educational resources, will help advocates and policymakers further open policies worldwide. Note: This page will regularly refresh and display newly added open policies. If you wish to refresh the list immediately, please click here.

The 90 OER policies currently in the registry:

Country Jurisdiction Tags Status Policy Date
Argentina National Intellectual Property Current Gleducar policy 2010/01/01
Australia Institution - Tertiary University of Canberra Proposed Policy on Intellectual Property 2011/07/31
Australia National Current AUSGoal - Australian Governments Open Access and Licensing Framework 2011
Brazil Province / State Bill
Draft law
Proposed Projeto de Lei REA do Estado de São Paulo 2012/12/20
Brazil National Bill
Draft law
Proposed Projeto de lei REA será analisado na Câmara 2011/06/09
Canada Province / State advanced education
Current Memorandum of Understanding - Open Educational Resources 2014/03/13
China National informization Current Decade Plan on Development of Education Informatization from 2011 to 2020 (教育信息化十年发展规划 2011-2020) 2012/03/01
China National Current Establishment of National Open University (国家开放大学) 2012/07/01
China National Current Chinese Quality Open Course Project (国家精品开放课程计划) 2011/11/01
China National Current Construction of Internet shared courses (精品资源共享课) 2012/06/01
Colombia Institution - Tertiary Acceso
Current Resolución 001 de 2011 2011/01/01
España National
Institution - Primary
Institution - Secondary
free software
Current CeDeC 2012/10/10
España Global
Institution - Primary
Institution - Secondary
Current Recursos educativos para enseñanza presencial 2012/10/10
España Global
Institution - Primary
Institution - Secondary
Guía profesores Current Publicación de una guía para la creación de recursos educativos abiertos 2012/10/10
France Institution - Tertiary Current ParisTech Charter of Open Courseware and Licensing Practices 2007/03/21
Ghana Institution - Tertiary Policy for development and use of Open Educational Resources (OER) - KNUST 2011/05/11
Hungary National Current Apertus Nonprofit Kft. – Szakmai koncepció
Indonesia National Current Higher Education Law
Indonesia Global Open educational resources Current Global List of OER Initiatives: Indonisia Open University - TERBUKA
Lithuania National Current Provisions of the National Education Strategy 2003-2012 2003/10/01
Mauritius National education Current Education and Human Resources Strategy Plan 2008-2020 2009/10/01
Mexico National educacion abierta
educacion a distancia
normas de control escolar
Normas de Control Escolar, Aplicables a losServicios Educativos del Tipo Superior que Imparte la Subsecretaría de EducaciónSuperior, en la modalidad no escolarizada (abierta y a distancia) 2010/01/01
Mexico Institution - Tertiary UNAM
educacion abierta
educacion a distancia
Normativa Académica de la Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) Sistema Universidad Abierta y Educación a Distancia 2009
Netherlands National Current Program Plan: Wikiwijs 2011 – 2013 2011/05/19
New Zealand Institution - Secondary education Current Creative Commons Policy
New Zealand Institution - Tertiary Current Otago Polytechnic Intellectual Property Policy June 2008
New Zealand National education
Current NZGOAL The New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing Framework 2010/07/05
Poland National government
Current Cyfrowa szkoła (Digital School) 2012/04/03
Scotland National declaration
open education
Current Scottish Open Education Declaration 2014/03/11
South Africa National government Proposed Draft Policy Framework for the Provision of Distance Education in South African Universities (pdf) 2012/06/28
South Africa Institution - Primary A Free Content and Free and Open Courseware implementation strategy for the University of the Western Cape (South Africa) 2005
USA System higher-ed Proposed Virginia Community College System - Amendment to Higher Education Budget to Support OER 2014/01/16
United Kingdom National Current Policies and Statements of the Open University
United Kingdom National Current Introduction to the UK Government Licensing Framework 2011/07/29
United Kingdom National open access
open source
Current JISC Terms and conditions of funding annex to JISC Grant and Contract Letters for Projects 2011/12/16
United Kingdom Institution - Tertiary Summary of UK HEI OER Policies from SCORE workshop, 2012 2012/05/04
United Kingdom university Current University of Leeds Open Educational Resources guidance 2012/12/19
United Kingdom Institution - Tertiary metadata
intellectual property
learning objects
Current Operational policies for Leeds Metropolitan University institutional repository
United States Province / State Bill
Draft law
A.B. 577 Open Education Resource Centers 2007/02/21
United States Province / State government
open access
Proposed S.B.1900 Illinois Open Access to Research Articles Act 2013/02/15
United States Province / State Georgia
Proposed Georgia Virtual Learning OER terms of use 2001/12/08
United States Province / State Curriculum
Rule R277-111 Sharing of Curriculum Materials by Public School Educators 2009/11/13
United States National Act
Labor and Pensions
House Education
H.R. 3221 Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009 2009/09/17
United States Province / State OER Council
Open Textbooks
Proposed Virginia Open Education Resources Council and the Virginia Digital Open Source Textbook Library 2013/01/09
United States Province / State Bill
Draft Law
Current H.B. 2337 Regarding open educational resources in K-12 education. 2012/01/11
United States Province / State Bill
Draft law
Proposed H.B.5201 Postsecondary Education Funding 2010/07/01
United States National government
Current Applications for New Awards; Strengthening Institutions Program (SIP), 78 FR 25717 2013/05/02
United States Province / State Bill
Draft law
New York
A.09162 An act to establish the taxpayer access to publicly funded research act 2012/01/31
United States National National Training & Education Resource Current Terms of Service - NTER Learning Portal 2012/07/01
United States National OSTP
Office of Science and Technology Policy
public access
Current OSTP Directive on Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Scientific Research 2013/02/22
United States Province / State Bill
Draft law
New Hampshire
H.B.418 relative to the use of open source software and open data formats by state agencies and relative to the adoption of a statewide information policy regarding open government data standards. 2011/01/06
United States National Current US Department of Labor: H-1B Ready to Work Partnership grant program
United States Province / State Bill
Draft law
Current H.B. 1946 - Regarding higher education online technology. 2009/04/16
United States Province / State Current S.B. 1052 An act to amend Sections 67302 and 67302.5 of, and to add Section 66409 to, the Education Code, relating to public postsecondary education. 2012/08/31
United States Province / State higher-ed
Current Open Licensing for Chancellor's Office Grants 2013/09/09
United States Province / State Bill
Draft law
H.B.6 Instructional Materials Allotment 2011/09/01
United States Province / State Bill
Draft law
Current H.B. 1025 - Requiring disclosure of certain information relating to higher education course materials. 2009/07/26
United States Province / State Bill
Draft law
H.B.1941 Patent and copyright policies; requires Secretaries of Administration and Technology to establish 2009/04/08
United States Province / State OER
Proposed HB 3239: Open College Textbook Act 2013/02/26
United States National Dept. Education
Current Comprehensive Centers Program: Final Priorities, Requirements, and Selection Criteria 2012/06/06
United States National Current US Department of Labor: Career Pathways Innovation Fund Grants Program
United States Province / State Bill
Draft Law
Washington State
Proposed S.B. 6460 Requiring a model policy for open licensing of courseware developed with state funds. 2012/01/24
United States National K-12 Proposed H.R. 521 Transforming Education Through Technology Act 2013/02/05
United States National Bill
Draft law
Proposed H.R.4575 Open College Textbook Act of 2010 2010/02/01
United States Province / State Bill
Draft law
Proposed S.B.1053 California Digital Open Source Library 2012/02/08
United States National bill
draft law
Proposed S.1087 Enhancing Education Through Technology Act of 2013 2013/06/04
United States National Textbooks
Draft Law
Proposed S. 1714 Open College Textbook Act of 2009 2009/09/23
United States Province / State Bill
Draft Law
Proposed H.B.2488 Relating to open-source textbooks and other instructional materials for public schools. 2009/06/19
United States Province / State OER
open educational resources
Creative Commons Attribution
Proposed H.F. 789 2013/02/21
United States Province / State Bill
Draft Law
Washington State
Proposed S.B. 6231 Relating to open educational resources in K-12 education 2012/01/16
United States National TAACCCT
Dept. Labor
Dept. Education
Current Department of Labor Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grant program 2010/03/30
United States Province / State Bill
Draft law
H.B.1940 Open Education Resource Center Grant Fund 2009/01/14
United States Province / State Bill
Draft law
H.R. 1464 Learning Opportunities With Creation of Open Source Textbooks (LOW COST) 2009/03/12
United States National Proposed Final Priorities, Requirements, Definitions, and Selection Criteria: Supporting Effective Educator Development 2013/02/11
United States Province / State open textbooks
Proposed HB 1777 Virginia Open Education Resources Council; established 2013/01/08
United States System Guide An Expectation of Sharing. Guidelines for Effective Policies to Respect, Protect and Increase the Use of Digital Educational Resources 2010/03/01
United States Province / State Law
Current S.B.1052 California Open Education Resources Council 2012/09/27
United States Province / State Bill
Draft law
Current L.D.569 An Act To Support and Encourage the Use of Online Textbooks 2011/06/06
United States National Grant priority
U.S. Department of Education
Current Supplemental Priorities for Discretionary Grant Programs for U.S. Department of Education, 75 FR 78486 2010/12/15
United States Province / State Minnesota Proposed Minnesota S.F. 824 - Establishing the Open Educational Resource Council 2013/02/28
United States Province / State Bill
Current H.B.4058A Directs Higher Education Coordinating Commission to convene work group to study strategies for and make recommendations on reducing higher education textbook costs. 2012/01/01
United States National Current Solicitation for Grant Applications 2011/01/01
United States System Current SBCTC Open Policy Open Licensing on Competitive Grants 2010-07-01
United States National government
open access
Proposed Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act (FASTR) 2013/02/14
United States Province / State Bill
Draft Law
Washington State
Proposed H.B. 2336 Requiring a model policy for open licensing of courseware developed with state funds. 2012/01/11
United States Province / State Public postsecondary education: California Digital Open Current S.B. 1053 Creates the California Open Source Digital Library 2012/09/27
United States of America National textbooks
draft law
Proposed Affordable College Textbook Act of 2013 2013/11/14
Wales National Current The Wales Open Education Declaration of Intent 2013/09/20

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