License metadata validation web application

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Related To: Metadata
Tags: metadata
Challenge Type: Developer
Is Complete: yes

NOTE This challenge completed successfully but has since fallen out of date. If you're interested in working in this area there is now a challenge to rewrite the validator.

This application should work much like the W3C RDF Validation Service. It may even re-use some of the same code. Instead of parsing RDF from a text input box or URL and displaying represented triples, the license metadata version should extract RDF potentially embedded in HTML from a text input box or URL, parse the RDF, and display license and work properties instead of raw RDF triples.


  • Nathan Yergler's excellent ccValidator meets the challenge! Please send Nathan bug reports, feature requests, and patches. If you have a different (better, thinks you) implementation in mind, don't be dissuaded by existing code -- the W3C RDF validator has used at least two different implementations.
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