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This is a list of Creative Commons licensed image-based media. Part of the original page is now ported here.



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Featured Image Sites

Name Website Size
100 pour 100 musique
10th Birthday Brainstorming
3D Gurukul 350
4 Free Photos 2300
ACI - the Autistic Community of Israel
Agencia Brasil 200
Album photo de voyage 300
Alegri Photos 2600
Alice Sweet Alice 978000
Andrew Chee
Animal Photos 7000
Anxiety UK
ArtOfKamb 10000 100
Artlandia Pattern Central 1000
Astro Images Sternwarte Kempten 100
Athabasca University Press
Audio LinkBuilderr
Ayurveda 200
Background for free
Beauty is Free 300 200
Blue Planet Almanac
CAPL (Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon) 10,000
CAWST 100 400+
CDc communications 525
Car pictures 5000
Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative 10
Case Studies/Hitchwiki 1300 (English), 300+ (German), 200+ (Spanish)
Case Studies/OpenLearn 500
Cases Studies Lebanon 100
Chef dePaprika
Chemical Elements 300
Chikhaldara Gallery CC 100
China Open Resources for Education (CORE) 500
ClearBits 22165
Common Content 1300+
Cool image bank 3000
Creative Commons Macedonia
Creativity103 1000
Croatia Pictures
Crombat Records 1485
… further results

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