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CC Czech Republic


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Affiliated institution(s)
National Library of the Czech Republic, Iuridicum Remedium

Project lead(s)
Matěj Myška (Legal Project Lead), Jan Vobořil (Public Project Lead)

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Jurisdiction: Creative Commons Czech Republic

Date submitted: February 2011



The Czech CC Jurisdiction project aims at highlighting possibility of open content licencing, especially by promotion of Czech CC licences that were launched in April 2009.

The project consists of two leads. Petr Kučera, who works on the behalf of Iuridicum Remedium, acts as a legal project lead. Lukáš Gruber supported by National Library of the Czech Republic works as public project lead. Both institutions are located in Prague.

Priorities for 2011

1) raise awareness and visibility of CC licences in public For the time being, Czech CC jurisdiction project advocates and promotes CC licences among narrowly linked members of targeted community. Those were especially institutions with educational background (such as universities, libraries). In a year 2011 we would like reach wider audience through following instruments:

  • distribution of CC flyers and stickers
  • establishing and maintenance of Czech CC facebook group
  • organizing and running open CC debates
  • complete redesign and more frequent updates of Czech CC Jurisdiction website with press news, related events
  • participation in CC presentations, workshops organized by third parties

2) endorse institutional usage of CC licences. We would like to run a project, that would be aimed at monitoring and promoting usage of CC licences at Czech public institutions. In the first stage, an inquiry within institutional adopters of CC licences will be taken. Based on its results (description of experience with CC licences) CC licences will be directly recommended for adoption to selected institutions of similar nature (compared to current CC adopters)

3) negotiations with collecting societies. In order to make relations between alternative licensing model and collectively managed rights, we contact collecting societies to discuss and come up with written statement, that would smoothly explain responsibilities for authors who intend to use CC licences towards particular collecting society. This year we would like to start negotiations with OSA – Czech collecting society for music composers

4) promote CC licences amongst musicians. We would like to organize CC Salon (preferably at Autumn 2011) which will be focused on music authors, getting them acquainted with CC licenses and issues raising from using CC licences especially in relation to collecting societies, presentation of use cases

Project Composition:

Legal Lead: Petr Jansa supported by Iuridicum Remedium

Public Lead: Lukáš Gruber supported by National library of the Czech Republic

Web resources:

Jurisdiction website Our website runs on Wordpress. We would like to completely redesign jurisdiction website so the appearance would be more in accordance with Creative Commons website appearance. We would like to change site map structure in order to achieve more visibility of updated recent events. Facebook group We would like to launch Facebook group for Creative Commons Czech Republic to strenghten community of volunteers and sympathizers and to achieve more visibility for the project. The facebook group will inform about new CC licensed materials, CC and other relevant events.


- Our team promotes CC licences in Czech language. Events that overlap scope of Czech jurisdiction in terms of importance are simultaneously reported in English language - Czech versions of CC licences are launched since April 2009 - We do not intend to translate CC zero due to incompatibility of this tool with Czech Copyright. As soon as the copyright background will be more open-minded towards CC zero, we would like to start working on translations - We plan to translate Public Domain Mark


We would like to start closer cooperation with adopters of CC licences (such as Czech Wikimedia, targeted Czech universities a NGOs) in order to raise public awareness of alternative licensing and to illustrate pros and cons for potential CC adopters. Collaborations might results in participation of related seminars or workshops (e.g. OA Week), co-organization of such events

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