Babajaga - Witches in updraft!

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Babajaga - Witches in updraft!
Director: Thomas Siegel, Michael Schneider
Producer: Thomas Siegel, Michael Schneider
Film Type: Documentary
Main URL:
Distributer: Thomas Siegel, Michael Schneider
Release Date: cc version: 2009
CC-Licensed Version:
Length (minutes): 56

Babajaga – Witches in updraft is a film about women united by the all-consuming passion for flying without engine power. Its about true friendship between sports-women, even across the frontiers of the cold war. And their termless dedication to get an own Woman World Championship, finally after 33 years of struggle.

Monika Warstat, first and only female European Champion of the GDR and Gisela Weinreich, one of the most successful gliding pilot of Germany telling the story of witches in updraft.

Its in german with english subtitles - if you like.

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